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Oh, how your bubble’s gonna burst 
When you meet another nurse 
She’ll be driving in a hearse 

You’re gonna need a heap of glue 
When they all catch up with you 
And they cut you up in two 

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a masterpiece


Jerusalem by Mirah

Relevant to the current situation. 

Israel needs to suffer a defeat just like the Germans and the Japanese suffered during World War II to finally shake it up and bring it to its senses. Norman Finkelstein


Asshole // Rilo Kiley

You woke up an asshole
I couldn’t believe my eyes
When you get serious about security, and some aspects of it are security, you think that’s going to work against people who are embittered and hate you for the very good reason you’re butchering their children at your presumed impunity? Ask the Israelis. They’ve got the most highly perfected, developed security state on the planet, and you get 14-year-old kids walking in there with bundles of dynamite blowing them right out of cafés. You want to put your well being and that of your children on a system and a structure and a set of priorities like that? Go ahead; but count me and mine out. Ward Churchill

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Akira Yamaoka ~ Silent Hill (Otherside)

I’m a fucking wonder. Frida Kahlo

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Decolonization is not a metaphor.

Decolonization is not a metaphor.


Introducing “Liberate Hawai’i”

American author Jon D. Olsen talks a little about his new book Liberate Hawai’i! Renouncing and Defying the Continuing Fraudulent U.S. Claim to the Sovereignty of Hawai’i published by Goose River Press. In his book he rebuts the United States’ claim to Hawaiʻi with newly discovered documentation that is not known or taught to the broader public. 

"All I ask is that people keep an open mind as I make my assertion - that the United States, to this very day, has no valid claim to the nation of Hawai’i. Due to false education, people have bought into this ‘whopper’ from the U.S. government, and to many, the notion that there might be contemporary Hawaiian resistance to the empire seems ridiculous. I urge readers to take a second look and challenge their own assumptions."
- Jon D. Olsen

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What we’re talking about [in decolonization] is overturning all of those systems and institutions that continue to oppress us. And that’s pretty much every system and institution that we encounter in our daily lives. And ultimately, if it’s carried to its farthest extent, means the dismantling of the Canadian state, the dismantling of the United States of America. And when I say that, I’m not kidding. [laughs] That’s what we mean. Waziyatawin (via cuntymint)

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