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… clearly it’s that time of year to start posting anti-oppression theory 101


Brit, here’s my somewhat buzzed interpretation of your list. <3

terms will (once again) will include:

racism (including long explanations of racism= power + privilege) 

Most accurate term is white supremacy, which is to say that racism is directional and benefits white-skinned people and whiteness generally (in art, culture, theory, economics, etc.) This is because the winners of the American holocaust are white and the united $tates, with all its terror and brutality, is ruled, owned and operated by white people and people (of color) who have been colonized into believing that white is right. White supremacy encompasses all dimensions of human experience in the industrial nations, and affects the entire globe. 

cultural appropriation

Genocide. Genocide usually evokes images of the nazi European holocaust, but there’s a reason why it’s different than just simply “mass murder”. Genocide is a process which destroys histories and identities of people. So technically according the Unites Nations definition of genocide—4 of which do not include murder—we’re living in the most genocidal society the history of the world has ever produced. This is because we live in a “settler colonialist” society which is industrialized (oil-based society, so things happen quicker than they would have in the past). Settler colonialism means the land upon which we sit, at least in North America, was stolen through extermination, a holocaust, which is ongoing. Colonization and colonialism are different, to my understanding. Colonization is just imperialism; the material extraction of resources to make commodities and luxuries of modern industrial civilization (cities, suburbs, rural areas, agriculture) happen. Imperialism is brutal, but it’s a higher stage and more interwoven that just “capitalism”. Colonization means the eradication and subjugation of an indigenous population for the land, which contains the goods that the colonialists want. Colonialism, by difference, means the psychological and spiritual “fog” that erases who we are, were and can be. History matters, our personal histories and bodies and cultures matter, and we cannot escape the future with any hope without undoing this hard war.

***All anti-oppression activism must rest upon a consciousness asserting indigenous land-rights/decolonization/decolonialism or else it’s just imperialist activism making colonialist societies more comfortable for colonialist settlers, despite whatever activism they employ (feminism, anti-racist, environmentalist, lgbtq, whatever).***


Imperialism that means controlling or murdering people who belong to the land, while using/destroying the land for whatever reason. Colonialism is the psychological and spiritual destruction and thus control over the conquered populations. The conquering élite cannot commit these acts, commit themselves to these acts, without themselves being colonized however long ago. Some authors view this horrific process as caused by a literal infectious psychological disease, like a pandemic, that drives its victims to be cannibalistic psychopaths. 


I haven’t read Edward Said. Oops. :( Edward Siad is dead, though. Let’s read him together. The only thing that I can understand of this without reading him is that the Western nations have terrible anti-Arab racism which lives through foreign and domestic policy, as well as in media (the movie True Lies and the show 24) which depict Arabs as terrorists; as well as the 11 September 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers which have been hyped and manipulated to control oil-rich countries to the service of Western markets. I mean, read into the Iraqi sanctions which killed well over 500,000 Iraqi babies (people my age, my relatives) and see there was nothing to come out of this in the U$. Then read Chomsky who says after WWII that the Middle East was seen as the greatest prize in the world due to its oil reserves; oil which is responsible for all of us being alive today, at these populations, which is running out and coming to a close. 

white privilege

I think this should be called white-skin privilege which is based on how our individual skin-tones and facial features as they relate to Euroamericans, who benefit the most from white supremacy by white solipsism and invisibility. This goes directly into colonialism, the colonization of the mind and soul as well. 


We can become disabled any time in our lives for whatever reason. This matters in how our societies are constructed and how people who live with disabilities are treated by able-bodied people. It’s generally in a construct of able-body/mind supremacy.


Patriarchy means literally “father-rule”. Our countries, churches, media corporations, militaries, gods, movies, commercials, academic texts, are constructed to be male-supremacist. This happens because of brutal violence which is relentless from bombing countries to the individual communities such as family and relationships.


How people are designed by patriarchy to use whatever force to maintain power in the hands of mainly men. 


Based on heterosexism and heteropatriarchy, the assumption is that all or most people are heterosexual and monogomous and any deviation is a sin or unnatural and worthy of punishment of some form. This also means being non-heterosexual and being afraid to be perceived as such.


The hate-based perception (which is hegemonic and absolutely normalized) that transgender people in particular or people who challenge gender have something wrong with them when they identify or challenge gender power structures. This rigid gender system is enforced by violence and discrimination.

gender roles

The enforced idea that men and women are two separate categories with no deviation from the two. Enforced by violence and discrimination. No freedom to be human is allowed under these rules. 


Falls in line with white supremacy and colonization/colonialism, that the only point in life is relation back to Euroamerican history/culture/identity, etc and nothing else. 


We should talk about human supremacy I think as well, but I am le tired. 

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